From Development on to Research

The 1 year production of Lunar Quest by a team of ten researchers and developers came to a close in the summer of 2008. The final delivery consisted of a 3D Massive Multiplayer World set on the moon with a choice of ten playable male and female characters that incorporates five physics lessons of the college freshman level in ten Flash minigames all available for FREE to download at Multiverse.net. What a year!

Following production, Lunar Quest journeyed to The Behrend College in Erie, PA for testing in three different Physics courses for the Fall 2008 semester by RETRO researcher Holly Blasko-Drabic. The resulting data is currently being analyzed while the team is gearing up for another study in various Orange County Public High Schools in 2009. RETRO would like to thank everyone whom has participated in making this project a reality, and as soon as our findings are available we will post the locations of the publications. In the meantime, if you have any questions or interest in the Lunar Quest project please contact Project Manager, Rachel Joyce at 407-882-1306 or racheltjoyce@gmail.com

Come See Us at the 2008 Game Developer's Conference in San Francisco, CA

The Lunar Quest team is very proud to be part of the Multiverse booth at the 2008 Game Developer's Conference this February in San Francisco, CA. on the Expo floor Wednesday(2/20), Thursday(2/21) and Friday(2/22) afternoons. We are incredibly excited to debut our female player character as well as a compelling demonstration of our innovation quest system blending 2D Flash Physics minigames and the 3D virtual world within one interface.

Before checking us out in the Expo, try to catch our own Peter Smith as he lectures on serious games with Ben Swayer during the Serious Games Summit on Monday (2/18) and Tuesday (2/19).

To keep up to the minute on our developement of our quest system and more of the Lunar Quest serious MMOG, check our new blog. See you in San Francisco!

Physics education for the 21st Century!

The latest massively multiplayer online game (MMOG) is not only fun — it's educational! RETRO Lab's Lunar Quest video game combines traditional video game play with the basic principles of kinematics.

Players arrive on the moon as Lunar Colonization Authority Cadets who are tasked with colonizing the moon for regular human habitation. Players solve puzzles, complete quests, and interact with fellow "Cadets" to make the moon habitable. To master the game, players must learn and then apply basic physics concepts, such as performing vector addition or calculating an object's velocity and acceleration.