Jan Cannon-Bowers

Jan Cannon-Bowers, Ph.D., Lab Director

Associate Professor, UCF Digital Media
OFFICE: 407-823-0447
EMAIL: jancb at

Dr. Cannon-Bowers holds M.A. and Ph.D. degrees in Industrial/ Organizational Psychology from the University of South Florida, Tampa, FL. She recently left her position as the Navy's Senior Scientist for Training Systems to join the School of Film and Digital Media at the University of Central Florida, Orlando, FL as an Associate Professor. As the team leader for Advanced Training Research for the Navy, she was involved in a number of research projects directed toward improving performance in complex environments. These included investigation of training needs and design for multi-operator training systems, tactical decision-making under stress, the impact of technology on learning and performance, training for knowledge-rich environments, human-centered design, human performance modeling and development of knowledge structures underlying higher order skills. At UCF, Dr. Cannon-Bowers is continuing her work in technology-enabled learning and human performance modeling. Her goal is to leverage and transition DoD's sizable investment in modeling, simulation and training to other areas such as entertainment, workforce development and life-long learning and education. To date, she has been awarded several grants to support this work, including a recent award by the National Science Foundation under their Science of Learning Center program. Dr. Cannon-Bowers has been an active researcher, with over 100 publications in scholarly journals, books and technical reports, and numerous professional presentations. She is a Fellow of the Society of Industrial and Organizational Psychology (Division 14 of the American Psychological Association).

Clint Bowers

Clint Bowers, Ph.D., Lead Researcher

Professor, UCF Digital Media
EMAIL: bowers at

My chief interest is in the use of technology to facilitate teamwork. This takes several forms. The first includes basic research on the nature of effective teamwork and the factors that influence it. A second research thrust involves the training of teams. I am especially interested in the use of training technologies and simulation in training team skills. Finally, I'm interested in the use of technology to assist teams in their day-to-day tasks. This includes research in information visualization, groupware, and other hardware/software systems. Besides my interest in team performance, I am also involved in several student projects. These include the use of virtual reality to teach deaf children, the neuropsychology of spatial abilities, and the use of warnings to manage predictable non-compliance.

Corbin Covault

Corbin Covault, Ph.d., Physics Advisor, Case Western University Professor




Kyle Farris

Kyle Farris, flash developer/programmer

UCF Digital Media undergraduate student
EMAIL: kylefarris at

Kyle is a UCF Digital Media undergraduate student specializing in interactive design and Web 2.0. His experience is primarily based in the field of web applications production and design where he uses PHP and AJAX technologies to compliment standards-compliant CSS based web pages and graphic arts. Since he's joined the Lunar Quest team, he has proven to be a quick learner of Flash game development and now excels at it, producing 8 games in 7 months. Now, due to his exceptional capability to learn new technologies quickly, he is currently working on programming the main Lunar Quest game and designing marketing materials in his "spare time".

Tim Holt

Tim Holt, Game Designer and Lead Programmer

Visualization Programmer, Oregon State University
EMAIL: tim.holt at


Julian Orrego

Julian Orrego, Lead 2D-3D artist/Video Producer

EMAIL: jorrego82 at

A graduate of UCF, Julian is a motivated individual whose attention to detail and creative mind leads to unique pieces of art. Whether it is a 2D, 3D, video, photography, and/or web design work, Julian has got it covered; his three years of professional experience in the Digital Media industry, has given him the skills to take on any kind of multimedia production. His self-starter personality and his willingness to go above and beyond the call of duty, makes him a solid asset for our Retrolab.

Brent Hermanski

Brent Hermanski, 3D Modeler/Texture artist/animator

EMAIL: BHermanski at

Brent recently graduated from the University of Central Florida in 2007, earning a BA degree in Digital Media. Although he specialized in Internet and Interactive Systems, his primary field of expertise is in 3D Modeling and Animation. Coming into UCF, he wanted to add to his 3D skill set by studying 3D Modeling and Animation, 2D Design, Web Design, and Video Editing, making him a more rounded professional. He has been 3D Modeling since his freshman year in high school and has many years of animation experience as well. This experience has lead Brent to work on several game design projects, including a Simu-life project lead by Jeff Wirth, Director of the Interactive Performance Lab (IPL), where users meet in both the real world and virtual world to play out a story. Brent is now working on the Lunar Quest project creating 3D models and animation. He believes the Lunar Quest project is a great opportunity to gain valuable experience and will open up many other opportunities in the future. His long term goal is to get involved in cinema.

Rachel Joyce

Rachel Joyce, B.S., Assosciate Producer

EMAIL: racheltjoyce at

Rachel began her studies at the University of Central Florida in Orlando, FL where in 2004, she earned her BA in Digital Media with a specialization in Writing for Media. Her most notable work from her undergraduate term include a retrospective made for and displayed on the Sundance Online Film Festival commonly known as SOFF (which has since dissolved) performing the role of content manager as well as managing production for, a media-enriched literacy research project. Currently, Rachel is a MFA candidate in Interactive Media and Visual Language also from the University of Central Florida where she studies and experiments with the symbiotic relationship between culture and media focusing on creating innovative educational products. She is presently the Game Production Manager for the National Science Foundation grant project to create and produce a serious game, Lunar Quest, in development at this time.

Merrilea Mayo

Merrilea Mayo, Ph.D., NAS Advisor

EMAIL: MMayo at

Merrilea J. Mayo has been Director of the Government-University-Industry Roundtable (GUIRR) of the National Academies since 2001. Prior to that, she was an Assistant, then Associate, Professor at the Pennsylvania State University, with a research specialty in nanocrystalline ceramics. She is the author or co-author of approximately 75 scholarly publications. During her sabbatical year of 1998-1999, she worked in the office of Senator Lieberman on the federal funding portfolio for R&D and personnel issues for the military laboratories. That experience eventually segued into a 4 month leave to found ASTRA, the advocacy organization for physical sciences, and ultimately led to her current career at the National Academies. Dr. Mayo is a materials scientist and engineer by training, having received her Ph.D. in that field from Stanford University in 1988, and having served as President of the Materials Research Society in 2003.

Ricardo Javier Rademacher Mena

Ricardo Javier Rademacher Mena, Ph.D., Educational Content Coordinator

Futur-E-Scape Founder, DeVry Online Course Architect
EMAIL: ricardo at


Alicia Sanchez

Alicia Sanchez, Ph.D.

EMAIL: ADSanche at


Sae Schatz

Sae Schatz, M.S., graphic designer

EMAIL: sae at

Sae Schatz is an experienced visual designer, who has worked in the Web design and marketing industries. Before joining the teaching faculty at the University of Central Florida, she served as the assistant director of academic promotions for the UCF College of Arts and Sciences. During that tenure, she led the successful efforts to increase recognition for the College's research and creative endeavors; she also developed and edited the College's annual magazine: Quest. Sae officially joined the UCF Digital Media faculty in 2006. Sae has worked on many diverse projects, from workplace design consultation for Fortune-500 companies to developing instructional seminars on Flash and Photoshop. Her research and production interests are primarily found in three converging fields: environment-behavior psychology, visual design, and design theory.

Peter Smith

Peter Smith, M.S., Executive Producer

Visiting Research Faculty, UCF Institute for Simulation and Training
EMAIL: psmith at

Peter is currently employed as Visiting Research Faculty at the University of Central Florida in Orlando, FL. He works in the Active Lab as the resident games researcher, and is also concurrently pursuing his PhD. in Modeling and Simulation. His previous employment as a Serious Games and Simulation Engineer at the Navy's NETC Experimentation Lab exposed him to the field of Serious Games. Peter is also involved as a volunteer with the Serious Games Initiative.

Katie Wollam

brian stabile, programmer

EMAIL: ohmywow at

Brian is an undergraduate majoring in Digital Media. More to come soon...